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Estate Planning with our office is more like a conversation about your life, your plans, your family and what you'd like to see happen in the future- with a plan to help you get there.  As your attorney Carmen Ramirez will keep your information confidential and create an estate plan that can safely protect what you've worked for- for your use and then for whomever you designate.

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Wills & Trusts and Grant Deeds

Attorney Carmen Ramirez can help guide you to the type of document makes sense for your life and your family.  Each type of instrument: a Will, a Trust, or a Grant Deed can help achieve your estate planning goals.  As a seasoned professional and experienced attorney, you can trust Carmen Ramirez to help advise you the pros and cons of each instrument and then make a recommendation as to what document would work best for your estate planning goals.

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Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney document is a powerful instrument that allows an Agent that you choose (spouse, child, trusted friend) have authority to act on your behalf.  Powers of Attorney documents can have narrow or wide authority, depending on your choice and needs. These documents can be easily updated or replaced when the needs of a client change. Meet with our office to discuss this important tool.

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Advance Healthcare Directives

An Advance Healthcare Directive is a document in which a Principal (you) communicate your desires related to your medical care in the event you become incapacitated.  Your written instructions will also allow you to designate a person called your "Agent" who will speak as you the Principal, wanted. The Agent is acting on your behalf, instead of doing what the Agent wants for you.
An Advanced Health Care Directive also allows your family to avoid conflicting instructions to your doctor at a time when emotions are already high.
Finally, we have seen these documents protect your child/spouse from guilt- making it clear that you, the Principal, made the decision- not them.

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Document Review and Legal Advice

If your family already has a plan in place but are unsure of how it works, think it might be time to update, or have other general questions.  Consider making an appointment with Carmen Ramirez- as an attorney, she will be able to explain your plan and recommend updating/changes, or confirm that your plan still does exactly what you want.

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We are a friendly, small office who treats our clients with respect and honor. Professionally, we limit our work to estate planning and counseling our clients.
Carmen Ramirez has been a successful trial lawyer since 2009.  Although she has enjoyed her time in the world of civil litigation, she  discovered how unwritten intentions, vague directions or surprises have lead to division among families.  Though estate planning, Carmen will help her clients prepare clear plans with directions for how gifts, transfers of property and even care for spouses and children should be handled. This type of clear planning will make it easier for families to avoid conflict and pain after a loved one has passed on.

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